Group Football Training

Group Football Training

Take Your Football Skills To The Next Level

Odell provides professional football training to Groups of all ages and skills levels. Currently, due to Covid-19 restrictions, we are able to do a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 6 students at one time.

We will also be offering outdoor football training sessions as well with no limit to our maximum number.

Our group football training is open to young teams (Junior High & High school) along with College and University teams or even professional.

Regardless of your current skill level is at Odell will teach you the right way to take your skills to the next level.

Training sessions are not just designed to improve your football skill level alone. They are also designed to provide you with the proper fitness necessary to play the 4th quarter as well as you play the 1st.

There is no substitute for fitness when it comes to athletic success and we’ll make sure you’re ready to compete in every way possible.

With We All In Personal Football Training we’ll show you how to bring it all together and be the best player you can be!

Membership fees are $400/month which includes 3 (1hour) sessions per week. That’s a value of only $35 per session!

Odell specializes in the following positions although training for others is available upon request…

Defensive Line 1-on-1

Pass rush Drills

Block Recognition Drills

Hand Drills

Film Study

Linebacker 1 on 1

Linebacker 1-on-1

Tackling Drills

Pursuit Drills

Block Recognition Drills

Shock and Shed Drills

Please note a 50% deposit is required to book your training with Odell.


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